Hi, I'm Janet!

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I'm the owner of Tax Scout, the result of combining my eleven years of experience preparing taxes in the Chicagoland area and my love of helping individuals, small business owners, and all types of creative professionals make sense of their financial lives.

When taxes aren't "in season," I'm a jewelry designer and textile artist who homesteads in North Carolina, so I know first-hand just how much of a struggle it can be for creative professionals to face their tax-related fears and frustrations.

It can be discouraging, overwhelming, and even scary to figure out how to turn all of the information you accumulate about the financial side of your business throughout the year into a properly-completed tax return.

What if you could hand this responsibility off to someone who sees the process as an art in and of itself, and is genuinely excited to help you with it?

To borrow a metaphor from my experience as a textile and fiber artist and weaving professor, a tax return to me is a lot like a beautifully-woven textile, filled with the intricate details of the year that was: how you earned your money, what you spent it on, where you invested it, what causes you gave to, and what life and learning experiences you valued enough to put your money and time into.

Working with me won't just make it easier for you to shed a lot of the anxiety you’ve been carrying around. It'll also give back so much of the time and energy you lose to that anxiety, so you can invest it back into doing more of the work you love.

If that sounds like a dream come true for you, then I hope working with me will also feel like an investment in yourself, not just to get your tax return out of the way for another year, but to make more peace of mind in your everyday life.